Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Green Electric Bike with a cool seat cushion

I saw a green Mama Bicycle with a cool cushion in the front passenger seat. I was on the river bank that time. The family bike was made by Panasonic. Speaking of the cushion, there were some characteristics. 
Panasonic Gyutto green

Well-designed greenery soft cushion 
An adjustable foot bar
An OGK convenient rear passenger seat (Optional seat)
Tough frame and electric system.
One is a greenery color which is a good contrast with the body color of the bike and the of the green on the river bank. Furthermore, its material seemed to be durable under the sunshine or rain during two or three years. And of course, the cushion is softer than the other durable plastic durable cushion which is popularly used. Another thing, the foot bar in the front passenger seat. It is adjustable when a child's foot grows. It was a very detailed adjustmentI saw some small innovative changes inside the front passenger seat although its appearance seems similar to popular ones. 

I noticed that the rider was a father and his son followed his father there. I think more fathers becomes to ride a Mama Bicycle with their children nowadays. The weather was good there that day. I took my daughters there. I will write about the outing tomorrow. Thank you for reading. 

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